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6 Best Affordable Pruning Saws Under $20 – Top Budget-Friendly Picks for Gardeners

We all want to keep our gardens looking good without spending too much money. To find the best ones, we looked at many pruning saws that cost under $20. Even though they are cheap, these saws are still strong and work well. They will last and cut branches like you need them to. You do not need to pay more to get a saw that does the job.

We show you our best pruning saw choices, from the useful WORKPRO with its 7-inch blade to the strong WEIMELTOY with its 10-inch tough edge. You will see cheap does not mean bad, and we thought about what is important when choosing a pruning saw for a low cost. Lets find out which saw could be a new good help for your garden

Key Takeaways

  • Blade quality and material are important factors to consider when choosing a pruning saw under $20. Look for blades made from durable steel types like SK-5, Bi-metal, or Stainless Steel, and consider the number and design of teeth for efficient cutting.
  • Handle comfort and grip are crucial for usability and endurance. Evaluate the handle’s ergonomic design and non-slip properties, and consider soft, rubberized coatings for a firm grip and reduced slippage.
  • Prioritize saw durability by looking for high-quality materials like bi-metal or SK-5 steel for the blade, a sturdy handle, a reliable locking mechanism, and solid construction. Check customer reviews and warranties for insights into long-term sturdiness.
  • Teeth design and TPI (teeth per inch) affect cutting performance. Choose a saw with the appropriate tooth type and TPI for your specific needs, such as pruning, camping, or woodworking. Consider aggressive staggered teeth for quick cuts and finer teeth for detailed work.

WORKPRO Folding Hand Pruning Saw with 7-Inch Blade

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The WORKPRO Folding Hand Pruning Saw is popular among gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts. It features a 7-inch bi-metal blade with triple-cut teeth, making it an efficient tool for tree trimming and general garden maintenance. The blade is made from ultra-high strength steel and molybdenum high-speed steel, ensuring durability and a sharp cutting edge. With 7 teeth per inch (TPI), the aggressive staggered teeth design allows for swift and clean cuts through overgrown branches and woody material.
One of the key features of this saw is its folding mechanism, which enhances safety and convenience. The folding mechanism also makes it easy to transport and store. Additionally, the saw has a Teflon coating that reduces friction during use, ensuring smooth cutting.
The saw is designed with a soft, ergonomic handle that provides a secure grip in various weather conditions. It also has a safety button lock to prevent accidental closures. Weighing only 7.4 ounces, this hand-powered tool is praised for its basic functionality, effectiveness, and affordability in customer reviews.

The compact, foldable design with a safety lock makes it easy to carry and store. The durable blade made of two types of metal has a coating of Teflon that allows for smooth cutting and long life. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip in any weather.

However, there are some cons to consider. Some users have found the saw to be flimsy at the joint, which could potentially affect its durability.



FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw with 7.7 Inch Razor Tooth Blade (Orange)

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Ideal for gardening enthusiasts, the FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw boasts a 7.7 Inch Razor Tooth Blade designed to ensure smooth and efficient cutting for a variety of pruning tasks. The triple-cut razor teeth enable fast sawing, making it a powerful tool for small jobs and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Its fully hardened stainless-steel blade is durable, and the ergonomic handle provides comfort, reducing fatigue during extended use. The saw features a secure locking mechanism for safety and ease of operation.

With its lightweight and strong construction, this hand saw is an essential addition to any gardener’s toolkit, perfect for cleaning up bushes, sawing through small branches, and a range of outdoor activities including camping and hiking. Additionally, the saw’s high-quality build and lifetime warranty make it a sturdy and valuable purchase for cost-conscious consumers.

Best For: Gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reliable and portable saw for pruning and small cutting tasks.


  • Ergonomic handle design for comfortable extended use.
  • Triple-cut razor teeth and hardened stainless-steel blade for efficient cutting.
  • Lightweight with a secure locking mechanism for safety and portability.


  • Limited to small jobs due to the 7.7-inch blade length.



REXBETI Folding Saw, 11 Inch Extra Long Blade (SK-5 Steel)

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Equipped with a robust 11-inch SK-5 steel blade, the REXBETI Folding Saw offers gardeners a durable and efficient tool for tackling thick branches and demanding pruning tasks. Its heavy-duty construction is complemented by aggressive staggered teeth that ensure smooth, sharp cuts through various types of wood. The saw’s design emphasizes comfort and safety, featuring a rubber-coated polymer handle for a secure grip in all weather conditions alongside a folding mechanism that enhances storage and portability.

The REXBETI Folding Saw has garnered positive feedback for its cutting prowess, easily handling larger limbs. Its lightweight, foldable nature makes it a favorite among those who enjoy camping and backpacking, as it can be easily packed for outdoor adventures. To preserve the blade’s sharpness, it’s advisable to use it on green wood and apply mineral oil to prevent rust. 

Best For Gardening enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers need a reliable, sharp, and portable saw for cutting wood.


  • Exceptional sharpness and cutting efficiency for handling thick branches
  • Compact and lightweight design with a foldable blade for easy transport and storage
  • Durable SK-5 steel construction with a comfortable, all-weather grip handle


  • Primarily recommended for cutting green wood, which may limit its use with dry wood



Fiskars 390470-1002 Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw, 10-inch

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Boasting a Power Tooth blade with razor-sharp, triple-ground teeth, the Fiskars 390470-1002 folding saw offers unparalleled efficiency for gardeners tackling thick branches. The 10-inch, fully hardened steel blade is designed to stay sharp even after heavy use, ensuring a quick and clean cut every time. With its blade locking in two positions, this saw is optimized for overhand cuts and undercuts, providing versatility and ease of use.

The soft grip handle has touch points that enhance comfort and control, reducing fatigue during prolonged use. For added safety, the blade folds and locks securely for storage and transport, and a convenient hang hole allows for easy storage. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this Fiskars folding saw is a reliable and durable choice for budget-conscious gardeners.

Best For:
Gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts need a portable, efficient saw for cutting thick branches and undertaking various pruning tasks.


  • Equipped with a Power Tooth blade that has razor-sharp, triple-ground teeth for fast cutting.
  • Blade locks in two different positions for versatile cutting angles and enhanced safety.
  • Foldable design with a soft grip and touch points for comfort, control, and convenient storage.


  • Some users may find the blade lock mechanism less solid than expected when fully extended.



WEIMELTOY 10 Inch Heavy Duty Folding Pruning Saw (SK5 Curved Blade)

WEIMELTOY 10 Inch Heavy Duty Pruning Saw, Folding Hand Saw with SK5 Curved Blade, Triple-cut Razor Teeth Used for Trees Wood Cutting Camping Gardening Work, Hiking, Landscaping, Tree Trimming
  • 10” Long Pruning Saw: Fit for heavy work, powerful and strong enough, can cut through branches with 6” diameter with ease. Very efficient for various outdoor work as Camping pruning shrubs and trees, hiking, tree trimming garden work, landscaping etc.
  • Sharp Blade: WEIMELTOY Large tree trimming Saw with SK5 material, flexible and durable, triple sharpen blade,been hardened for extra durability, can cut fast and accurate in all direction, (pull or push),not only fit for green wood also fit for dry wood. Can cut through wood,plastic easily.
  • Soft Handle:Our Pruning folding hand saw with rubber soft handle, comfortable to grip even for a long time, non-slip, ensures a firm grip in any weather condition, save effort.
  • Folding design: Folding Pruning Saw with rubber handle to cover the sharp blade, also have button to lock the blade in position firmly when open and closed. It also take much smaller room, easy to carry for outdoor work.
  • Warm Service: Any question in using, just write to us any time. We will reply within 24 hours to serve for you.


The WEIMELTOY 10 Inch Heavy Duty Folding Pruning Saw, with its SK5 curved blade, offers gardeners a reliable tool for tackling thick branches effortlessly. This robust hand saw can cut through branches up to 6 inches in diameter, making it suitable for heavy garden work. The sharpness and durability of the blade are attributed to its SK5 high-carbon steel material, which ensures fast and precise cuts in any direction.

The saw has a soft rubber grip on the handle so you can hold it comfortably and securely, reducing hand tiredness if used for a long time. It weighs just 300 grams and can fold up with a button to lock it so the saw is light and easy to carry or store. This makes the saw a practical tool to add to a gardener’s kit.

Customer reviews highlight its ease of use, sharp teeth, and sturdy handle, although some suggest it’s more suited for light-duty tasks. The saw comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring buyers have support for any potential issues. Overall, the WEIMELTOY 10-inch Pruning Saw is praised for its compact design, safety features, and effectiveness, making it a recommended choice for gardeners looking for a budget-friendly pruning tool.

Best For: Gardeners in need of a lightweight, portable pruning saw for medium to light-duty garden maintenance.


  • SK5 high-carbon steel blade ensures sharpness and durability for efficient cutting.
  • Ergonomic rubber grip handle provides comfort and non-slip usage during tasks.
  • Folding design with safety lock enhances portability and safe storage.


  • Some users feel it’s more suitable for light-duty tasks rather than heavy pruning.



Folding Hand Saw, 8 Inch Blade for Wood Camping & Pruning

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For gardeners seeking a balance between affordability and functionality, the Folding Hand Saw with its 8-inch SK-5 steel blade presents an ideal option for wood camping and pruning tasks.

This hand saw is crafted with impulse hardening to enhance durability and flexibility, making it suitable for various outdoor activities, including camping pruning, tree trimming, and general garden work.

The blade features 3-sided sharpened teeth designed for quick and efficient cutting. Comfort is addressed with a rubber-coated polymer handle, which also helps reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use.

The saw has a scientific sawtooth design that helps remove sawdust easily. Its 1.1mm thick blade stays stable when cutting. The blade latches easily for safety and portability. This makes it a handy tool for gardeners who are on the move.

Best For: Gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts need a reliable, portable saw for wood cutting, camping, and pruning activities.


  • Made with high-quality SK-5 steel and impulse hardened for durability.
  • Foldable design with a rubber-coated handle for comfort and reduced fatigue.
  • Features 3-sided sharpened teeth and a scientific sawtooth design for efficient cutting and sawdust removal.


  • Only 3 customer ratings may not provide a comprehensive assessment of quality and performance.



Factors to Consider When Choosing Affordable Pruning Saws Under $20

6 Best Affordable Pruning Saws Under $20 - Top Budget-Friendly Picks for Gardeners

When we search for pruning saws that cost less than $20, we will check how good the blade is and what it’s made of. We’ll see if the handle is easy to hold and if it doesn’t slip in our hands.
We need to consider how tough the saw is, how the teeth are shaped, and how many teeth it has in one inch. We should also look at what safety features it has.

Blade Quality & Material

Choosing a pruning saw that costs less than $20 means you need to think about how good the blade is and what it’s made of so that it cuts well and lasts a long time. The kind of steel, like SK-5, Bi-metal, or Stainless Steel, changes how long the saw will last and how neatly it cuts into the wood. We want a saw that’s made for cutting wood because the proper blade material really helps it work better.

We should also look at the number and shape of the teeth to see how well and easily the saw can cut. A protective layer, such as Teflon, is good because it makes the saw last longer and reduces resistance. We can’t ignore extra helpful parts—a safety catch, a comfortable handle, or a design that lets the saw fold up can make it much easier to handle and carry around.

Handle Comfort & Grip

When gardeners look for pruning saws that cost less than $20, they need to find one with a comfortable handle that is easy to hold. This is because it makes using the saw easier, and they can use it longer without getting tired. The handle should not slip out of your hand; it must feel good and be safe to use. Handles that feel soft and have a rubbery cover are great because they give a good grip and don’t slip, even when wet outside. This helps make sure the saw cuts exactly where it should.

Also, the way the handle is made should let you hold the saw comfortably for the times you have to prune for a while. Comfort is important, but we must also consider how the handle helps stop your hand from getting tired. This is important to consider when choosing the right saw that is not too expensive.

Saw Durability

In our quest for affordable pruning saws under $20, we prioritize durability to ensure our investment withstands the rigors of regular gardening tasks. We’ve learned to look for saws with blades crafted from high-quality materials like bi-metal or SK-5 steel, which are renowned for their long-lasting sharpness and strength.

The build quality can’t be overlooked either; a sturdy handle, reliable locking mechanism, and solid overall construction are crucial for enduring tough cuts. We also scour customer reviews for insights into a saw’s long-term sturdiness, valuing real-world experiences that highlight a product’s resilience.

And let’s not forget about warranties—these offers are telltale signs of a manufacturer’s trust in their pruning saw’s durability and overall craftsmanship.

Teeth Design & TPI

While we’ve emphasized the importance of durability in pruning saws, let’s also consider the crucial role of teeth design and TPI, which directly affect the cutting performance for various gardening tasks.

A higher TPI means smoother cuts on hardwood, ideal for precise tasks. Conversely, a lower TPI ensures faster cuts on softwood, perfect for more aggressive pruning. We must match the tooth type, whether it’s impulse-hardened, triple-cut, or razor teeth, to our specific needs, be it pruning, camping, or even woodworking.

The material we intend to cut dictates the teeth design and TPI we choose. For gardening, aggressive staggered teeth work well for quick cuts, while finer teeth are best for detailed work. It’s all about finding the right tool for the job at hand.

Safety Features

When choosing budget-friendly pruning saws under $20, it’s essential to consider safety features that protect against accidental injuries during use and storage.

We should look for saws with a safety button lock to prevent the blade from opening or closing unexpectedly. A folding design with a safety lock is also beneficial for secure storage and easy transport.

It’s important to find saws with ergonomic handles offering a firm grip, ensuring control and comfort even in poor weather. Additionally, we must prioritize saws with a blade lock feature to keep the blade fixed while in use and when carrying or storing the saw.

Lastly, a Teflon coating on the blade can reduce friction, enhancing the overall safety of the cutting process.

Portability & Storage

Gardeners must consider a pruning saw’s size and foldability to ensure it’s easy to carry and tuck away after use. We should look for a saw with a secure locking mechanism to remain safe and compact when not actively cutting branches.

It’s important to evaluate the weight and dimensions of the pruning saw to guarantee we won’t struggle with a bulky tool that’s a hassle to store. The handle design is also crucial; it should offer comfort and a firm grip, contributing to the saw’s portability and storage convenience.

Additionally, we’ll check for features like a sheath or case, which can make transportation safer and protect the saw’s blade, further enhancing its portability.


We have explored affordable pruning saws that are easy on your wallet. These under $20 options are perfect for trimming unruly branches or shaping topiaries, showing you can save money without losing quality. Think of the savings as extra money for seeds! Choose one of these reliable tools and join me in becoming a pruning pro. Our smart choices would impress those who came before us. Enjoy your pruning, fellow garden enthusiasts!

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