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When Your Trees Drop Their Leaves

fall-foliage-111315_640-150x150-1Fall leaves are much more fun to look at than they are to clean up. Here we walk through a few tips on how to pick up after your trees when they drop their leaves, and where to turn if you discover trees need maintenance.

Work with the wind. Choose a calm day to clean up leaves or the wind will blow your raked leaves around and cancel out your work. Or, rake in the direction the wind is blowing, and let the wind carry the leaves to one side so you can pile them up from there.
Rake leaves when they’re dry. Wet leaves are much heavier than dry leaves. Raking dry leaves will keep you from shoveling heavier loads and dragging heavier bags.
Consider using motorized clean up options. Leaf blowers and mulchers make leaf clean up much easier and quicker: but manually cleaning leaves by hand is a great fall work out.
Be patient before you start cleaning. As hard as it is to see your yard become covered with leaves, try to wait until they have all fallen before you begin cleaning them up.Cleaning leaves all at once instead of many times in smaller amounts will save you hours of time.
After The Leaves Fall

Once your trees have shed their leaves, be sure to inspect them for any signs of potential damage. West Chicago’s top certified arborist can help your trees look better than ever! Call today at 630-469-2877.

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