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Stump Grinding: How It Works

So, you’ve finally cut down that tree with dangerous branches hanging over your house. You feel a little safer, but that tree stump sure sticks out like a sore thumb! What do you do in this situation? Simple, give 1-800 TREE GUY a call for professional stump grinding services. Don’t know about this service? We go over how it works here.

Why You Need It:

tree-stump-150x150-1Did you know that it takes about 10 years for a big tree stump to decompose enough to remove it?Nobody wants to wait that long. Also, in the meantime, insects will make the stump their home and you’ll have a huge pest problem on your hands. While, technically, you could pay to have it removed completely, doing so requires a lot of unnecessary cost and energy. Instead, you can give us a call. We’ll come by and grind your stump into wood chips all the way down to 5 inches below ground level. Afterwards, we fill up the space with the wood chips, and you have an area perfect for planting grass. 


Do you have a stump that needs taken care of? If so, give 1-800 TREE GUY a call for professional stump grinding service. You can reach us at, of course, 1-800 TREE GUY or (630) 469-2877.

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