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Mulch is basically a godsend for trees and other plants in your yard. Why? Among mulch’s many benefits:

  • It keeps the ground temperature regulated by insulating trees and plants at their roots.
  • Your soil won’t dry up as quickly when there’s mulch on the ground, which in turn means you won’t need to water as often.
  • Fewer weeds! Mulch prevents them from sprouting up as easily.
  • Organic mulch will provide healthy nutrients to your soil, which means that your trees’ roots will thrive from it.

The only downside? It’s heavy and hard to move without creating a mess in your vehicle. At 1-800-TREE-GUY, we will take care of that for you! We’ll deliver mulch to your home or business at a designated date, at the exact location you specify.So if you’re in need of residential or commercial mulch delivery in Chicago, call 1-800-TREE-GUY today. We’ve been in business for 20 years and are here to help!

Mulch: What you need to know

While organic mulch is wonderful for your soil and plants, there are cheap varieties that aren’t great. They may even contain toxic chemicals or lead paint mixed in with the wood chips. Anything that comes from large home-improvement stores or reputable garden centers should be fine.

tree-stump-150x150What type of mulch is best for your trees? Try going with larger chunks, such as pine bark. They will last longer and provide a nice dose of protection and nutrients to the soil.

If you’re wondering how much mulch you need, you might want to break your area down into smaller shapes to get the total area. If you’re buying mulch for your trees, you’ll need 3 to 4 inches over the roots; for perennials, go with 1 to 2 inches overall. Try not to use too much, because this can prevent water from seeping into the ground.

Mulch comes in two forms: bagged or bulk. If it’s in bulk, it will be measured in cubic yards. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll take it from there. So if you’d like more information about residential or commercial mulch delivery in Chicago, contact our team today!