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If you’ve lived in Winfield for any amount of time, you’ve probably visited nearby Kline Creek Farm.This living-history attraction gives visitors a glimpse into what farm life was like in the 19th century, from baking practices to sheep shearing to ice cutting to beekeeping.

While it’s fun to look back at the old days and see what types of tools and materials they had to work with, we’re also grateful for modern-day equipment in our industry! We’re proud to own the best tools available, including gas-powered chainsaws, razor-sharp axes, loppers, long-hedge trimmers and pliers, among others. This allows us to care for and remove trees of all sizes with speed and efficiency.

When people think of trees, they often don’t realize how much they do need our attention. You may not know what to do with them — which is why too many trees get “topped off” with improper pruning techniques — but we’re here to help! Put our expertise to work for you, and your trees will end up looking lovely and thriving with good health.

So if you’re in need of top-quality Winfield tree care, you cannot go wrong with 1-800-TREE-GUY. We offer fast, reliable tree services at very affordable rates. Call today!

Top-notch Winfield tree services

Among the many services we will provide:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree relocation
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Pesticide application
  • Fertilizer application
  • Fencing

We always offer our services at market-rate prices. If your trees are looking like they’re out of shape and you’d like them to have a more attractive canopy, let our experts take care of that for you! We use state-of-the-art tools to bring any misshapen tree back to attractiveness! We specialize in tree trimming, which should be done at certain seasons (depending on the species) to maximize growth. And if you have a tree that needs removing altogether, we are the experts to call for the job.

For more information or to get a free quote from us, call today! At 1-800-TREE-GUY, we are proud of our Winfield tree care services and are here to show you why we’ve earned such a fine reputation over the years.