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There are a few significant homes in Lombard, but perhaps the most well-known one is what we now call the Little Orphan Annie House. The originator of the cartoon, Harold Gray, lived in the picturesque abode during the time he was working on it, and he’d often include similarities to the home in his artwork. It was originally built by William LeRoy, a carpenter who used his skills to create artificial limbs for Civil War veterans.

We understand why you enjoy living in a village as friendly and rich in history as Lombard. Many of our customers are your neighbors, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built up over the past two decades.

Who needs tree care service? Anyone who owns trees! It’s our job to see to it that they remain healthy and vibrant for as long as possible, while also remaining safe to residents and passers-by. Whether you need a tree to be replanted, removed or simply spruced up, our team will take care of it with ease and speed, taking away any concerns you may have had.

At 1-800-TREE-GUY, we are in the business of providing top-notch Lombard tree care. Remember to call us for expert, affordable Lombard tree services; we’re here to help!

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If you’ve spent any amount of time in Lombard, you know that we’re big fans of natural beauty. The inclusion of lilacs in the village’s lore goes back to 1910, when a prominent resident named Col. William Plum went to Europe with his wife for vacation. They returned with two kinds of lilac bushes to plant in their garden.

When Plum died, he bequeathed to the village his house and garden, which is now known as Lilacia Park.It now has more than 200 types of lilac bushes. And then there’s the Lilac Festival and parade — something longtime residents probably don’t need any education about!

When it comes to your own lawn, why choose 1-800-TREE-GUY over all other companies? There are several key reasons:

  • Our certified arborists are highly skilled, educated and professional.
  • We take a situation-based approach for every tree we work on.
  • Our new, state-of-the-art equipment and tools will save you both time and money.

We’ll take care of whatever issue you may be experiencing, including abnormal growth. This can result in a lot of issues: damage to your roof or garage, pests getting into your home because an infected branch is near a window, etc.

You also may be dealing with storm damage, which can be an issue around this area. It’s important for the safety of yourself and others that you enlist the help of a professional in these situations — especially if the tree appears damaged or dying or it’s against power lines.

So if you’re in need of tree care or removal of any scope, call us at 1-800-TREE-GUY (1-800-873-3489) to get a special discounted hourly rate. We are the name and number to know for expert Lombard tree care. We’ve built up quite the fine reputation for tree services in Lombard, so put us to work for you!