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Did you know that Batavia was originally called Big Woods? It got the name because of all of the wild growth in the area. The town was renamed by Congressman Isaac Wilson as a tribute to his former home of Batavia, New York. Because he happened to own most of the Illinois town, the change was approved.

At 1-800-TREE-GUY, we can appreciate the Big Woods reference! Every home or office with lush trees will require attention to remain healthy. If you have a tree that is starting to be overgrown or has other issues, call us for help! We are proud to be the go-to company to call for Batavia tree care. We also have a variety of clients, ranging from large-scale businesses to condos to villas to houses, which is one reason we’ve become the trusted name in tree services in Batavia and the surrounding area.

Why prune a tree?

Trimming a tree is an art that requires not only knowledge, but experience and skill. But when is it time to prune? A few signs:

  • Your tree has grown so much that it’s starting to tangle with power lines.
  • The branches are beginning to interfere with your home or office, having grown over rails and other parts of the building.
  • The tree shows signs of disease or pest infestation.

We can help manage the growth of your tree so that it maintains its vitality for years to come. But if you also have a tree that needs removing, we can handle the job with skill and ease! One of our Batavia customers, Layla, had this to say about our services:

“I asked three of my close friends to recommend me the right people for taking down a Eucalyptus, and all of them came up with the same recommendation. Everything was just so easy with the dispatched crew; they went straight to work as soon as they reached my door. It hardly took a couple of hours for the team to clean up my lawn and wrap things up and go. They even put caution signs at either end of the street and made it completely clear that a tree removal was underway. Thanks 1-800-TREE-GUY, you guys rock!”

For superior Batavia tree care, put us to work for you. We are the go-to name in tree services in Batavia and the surrounding area and are here to help you!