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Our team at 1-800-TREE-GUY has been taking care of trees in the Tri-County area for two decades, so you can trust that we’re the pros to go to for any type of service you may need. From tree trimming to removal to stump grinding and more, count on us for expert, affordable help!

We understand how important trees can be to improve the overall health and attractiveness of your property.Our team regularly provides service to the following areas:

Serving the Tri-County area since 1995

The care and upkeep of your trees should not be left up to just anyone.It really pays off to enlist the help of a team with certified arborists, who have special training and knowledge about every aspect of tree care. Among the subjects we specialize in:

Pruning: This can be taken care of year-round, but there are things that you should consider before we get started. Depending on the the type of tree and the results you’re looking for, we’ll set up a plan for the perfect time to prune.

Fungus: It’s a dirty-sounding word, but did you know that some types of fungus aren’t harmful to your trees?Some fungus helps to keep the soil healthy! Using organic materials will help “feed” the good fungus.

Mulching: This practice of spreading mulch several feet around the perimeter is very good for tree trunks. It will also help to preserve water in the summer, but it’s important to lay it down while the soil is saturated.

Tree removal: There are times when a tree must be removed from the property, due to either disease, death or because it’s become an obstruction. Our two methods of tree removal are by bucket truck or by manually climbing the tree. We take a situation-based approach to the job, meaning that we evaluate the situation and take the best, most effective course of action to remove it. Either way we handle it, we’ll clean up after ourselves! We pride ourselves on removing not only logs and branches, but small twigs as well.

Optimum watering methods: Did you know that the proper amount and style of watering depends on the species of your tree? There are some conditions that would promote healthy growth in one type and absolutely kill another type of tree. You can trust us to know the difference!

Whatever you’re needing in the realm of tree care, we’ve got it covered for you. Our service extends to many cities in the Tri-County area, so please reach out if you need help. We are a family-based company who puts the needs of its clients first and foremost. Want to know more about our locations? 1-800-TREE-GUY can answer any questions you may have!